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14 June 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Maker Application  

Hey everyone! I recently decided that I'm gonna need a partner for this community since I want this community to become more active and posted in frequently. If you would like to apply as a graphic maker here just fill out the form below. I am only looking for one (maybe two) other people to help me out around here.

How long have you been making graphics?:
What program do you use?:
What kind of fandoms or people are your favorite to icon?:
Other communities you participate in:
What interests do we share?:
Why would you like to be a maker here?:
AIM screename:
10 examples of icons:
2 examples of banners or wallpapers:

Please apply! I will get back to everyone a.s.a.p after you do.
Also i want my partner and i to get to know eachother, so the application is kind of a survey too so i can get to know you a bit better :)

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